• Analytical sensitivity better than or comparable with the market leaders.
  • High quality color chart ensures accurate visual reading.
  • Compatible for visual and analyzer reading. Available in 100 strips per kit.
  • 2 year shelf life for unopened canisters and 3 month shelf life for opened canisters


1. Mission – G (for Glucose)
2. Mission – GP (for Glucose and Protein)
3. Mission – GK (for Glucose and Ketone)
4. Mission – 2CE (for Creatinine and Micro Albumin)
5. Mission – 3P (for Glucose, Protein & Ketone)
6. Mission – 4P (for Glucose, Proteins, pH & SG)
7. Mission – 10P (10 Parameters including SG)
8. Mission – 14P (for Leukocytes, Urobilinogen, Albumin, Protein, Bilirubin, Glucose, Ascorbic Acid, SG, Ketone, Nitrite, Creatinine, pH, Blood & Calcium.)
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U120 Smart Urine Analyzer



  • Up to 120 tests/hour in continuous Test Mode
  • Test Modes include Routine, STAT, and QC
  • Automatic Calibration for accurate results and easy operation

Convenient Operation

  • Saves the results automatically
  • Can print up to 3 copies per test with the option to print on sticker paper

Easy Data Management

  • RS232C port for easy data transfer to an external computer or LIS
  • Optional Barcode Reader to record patient IDs


  • Manual
  • Memory Last 2,000 results
  • Internal Thermal Printer (included)
  • Optional External Printer (not included)
  • USB or RS232C Data Transfer Cable (optional)

U 500 Urine Analyzer


Accurate and Efficient

  • Up to 500 tests/hour for medium/large volume sample testing
  • Test categories include Routine, STAT, and QC

Easy to Operate

  • Large touchscreen LCD offers simple menu navigation


  • Automatic calibration and waste disposal reduce hands-on time
  • Can read strips with up to 14 parameters, including Microalbumin/Creatinine/Calcium
  • Strip selection of up to 4 combinations for analyzer reading

Data Management Capability

  • RS232C port for easy data transfer to an external computer or LIS
  • Record Operator/Patient ID by manual entry or Barcode Reader

Unique Lockout Functions

  • Strip Lockout
  • User Lockout
  • QC Lockout


  • Semi-Automatic
  • 500 tests/hour (Measuring cycle: 7 seconds/test)
  • Default Strips 8, 9, 10, 11 Parameters (108 mm x 5 mm)
  • Memory Last 2,000 results